Wednesday, January 30, 2013

North of Nowhere (Book 7)

Title: North of Nowhere
Author: Steve Hamilton
First Published: 2003
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
Series: Alex McKnight (Book 4)

     The is the fourth book in the series and it does feel inferior in terms of plot, themes and styles. It is not bad but it isn't as good as the previous three.

     Alex becomes more isolated, enjoys sitting home reading crime books, keeps to himself more than he used to. He hardly goes to the bar and socialize with his friends. Jackie in particular is worried about him. He gives him some sort of and ultimatum, either he takes a vacation further north to really know what true loneliness is, or to join him in a game of poker with some other guys he's never met. Alex chooses the later.

     While playing poker at this rich despicable person house - that Alex never met - a group of armed robbers invade, they steal money, ransack the place and once again our hero find himself in the middle of everything, again!!!

     The plot is weak, events are predictable, and the novel fell short. The suspense wasn't there this time around but I think it is to be expected in a series. I hope this book is the weakest link and things will pick up from here on.


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