Monday, January 14, 2013

Peter Pan (Book 4)

Title: Peter Pan
Author: J.M. Barrie
First Published: 1904
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Children Book    

     It is very rare that I pick books on a whim. I almost always go by recommendations of friends, reading groups, or I check best sellers and classics. This one was on my Books2Movies Club @ goodreads for January/February.

     Peter Pan is a boy who refuses to grow up and wants to be a child forever. He lives with a bunch of other kids in Neverland and the only thing missing is a mother. He convinced Wendy to come along to live with them, to be their mom and she agreed. Her two brothers, Michael and John tag along. On Neverland they encounter pirates, mermaids, fairies and blah blah blah.

     I love children books, and I wanted so much to like this one but I HATED IT. Peter is an obnoxious, cocky, devilish brat. I hated his guts so much that I was rooting for Captain Hook during their fight. I applaud myself for being able to finish the book. I deleted the eBook from my library immediately after I finished it.

P.S. I didn’t take part in the voting process for Jan/Feb. Next time I’ll make sure to vote if only to prevent such atrocity from happening again.



  1. I read this book out loud to my kids and they thought the ending was so sad. They sobbed and sobbed. For days they kept asking me why I would read them such a sad book???? I felt like a cruel mother for reading it to them. I don't recall disliking Peter Pan. But then I have three boys. I think we found him funny, but the nostalgia at the end of the book with Wendy growing up was just too poignant to take. I scarred them all for life!

  2. I had planned on reading this with my son but he took one look at it and said nope. Glad we decided not to read it.